As a medical sector company that is willing to maintain a high level of requirement, we put quality at the center of our concerns.

We see quality as a way to open ourselves to our clients, to listen to their needs and to answer them. We are willing to improve the efficiency of our products in order to accompany medical progress.


We aim at satisfying our clients, health practitioners and patients through a permanent offer of products and services that are adapted to their needs and expectations, and that take into account their economical constraints.

This is why our company is certified under the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 norms. We see both of these international norms as a basis to set our level of  expectancies in terms of products, services, processes, traceability, materials and systems, as well as in terms of good practices in order to evaluate conformity, management and organization.


ISO Med products have been strictly controlled and meet the criteria of the 93/42 EEC directive. Hence, they can use the CE mark.

CE marking is closely linked to the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 norms under which ISO Med products are certified, which yields a consistent quality system.


CE marking totally guarantees the products and its utilization safety, which means that ISO Med took into account every risk that could stem from its products, and acted so as to eliminate them.


Our quality certificates

 ISO 9001-13485 

CE Implantable Access Ports         CE PICC CVC                          CE class IIa

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